Build The Ultimate Back With An Installable Pull Up Bar

So you want to build that ultimate back that you have always dreamed about? Then a pull up bar is a must for strength training and developing that V shaped back!

UMI.Essentials pull up bar

Looking to build a bigger back?

You're in luck! We've researched the best pull-up poles and have compiled a list of 5 must-have features. Keep reading to find out which one is number 1.

Not only will these poles help you achieve your fitness goals, but they will also look great in your home. With there sleek design, they will complement any decor.

Plus, it's easy to install – so you'll be able to start using it right away.

Keep reading to find the right gear for your needs.

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How we choose the best pull up bars for you

It can be hard to know which pull up bar is the right one for you, especially with all of the options available on the market.

Not only are there a lot of different types of pull up poles available, but there are also a lot of different brands and prices to choose from. How do you know that you're getting the best deal? has read through thousands of customer reviews on Amazon and created a list for you to help you select the right install pull up bar.

We have everything from more affordable options to more premium  pull up bars, so we are confident that you can find the best price for your wallet.

JX FITNESS Pull Up Bar Wall Mounted

Best Structure


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The details we love

Made of heavy-duty steel with high density foam grips and upgrade screw, strengthened beams and triangular support structure, this pull-up bar is safe to use up to 275lb.

It's the perfect body sculpting and strength building tool that can help shape the upper body and tone the midsection. Plus, it comes with hooks for punch bag, power ropes, TRX straps, etc.

And there is plenty of room to do a full pull up lifting your whole body weight that is something peope want when performing pull ups.

The details you need

Wall mounted chin up poles are the perfect choice for those looking for a more stable and permanent structure than a doorway chin up bar.

With no restrictions on your movements, you can enjoy a full body workout that is suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Achieve your fitness targets easily and efficiently with this great workout solution.

BeMaxx chin Up Bar

Best No Screws Bar


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The details we love

This bar is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to get in shape without spending a lot of time or money.

This is easy to use and requires no assembly.

Just open the door, hang the bar on the frame, and you're ready to go! The bar is also easy to store, so you can keep it handy for when you want to work out.

These are adjustable to fit any standard door frame, and it's also tall enough to accommodate any body size. So whether you're just starting out on your fitness journey or you're a seasoned pro, this bar is perfect for you.

The details you need

Maximize your workout with the MAXXIMUM STability Training bar! This high quality, steel bar is perfect for door frame workouts and can support loads of up to 130 kg.

The bar has been specially designed for door frame use and is extremely robust and safe. With comfortable, padded handles and secure wall protection, the MAXXIMUM STability Training bar is the perfect addition to your workout routine. Get the most out of your workout with the MAXXIMUM STability Training bar!

AmazeFan Pull Up Bar Door Frame

Best Door Frame Bar


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The details we love

This versatile bar can be used for a variety of exercises, from pull-ups and chin-ups to sit-ups, push-ups, crunches, and even stretching. And best of all, it can be set up in any doorframe or between two parallel walls, so you don't need a special gym corner in your home. With the AmazeFan pull-up pole, getting fit has never been so easy!

The details you need

This pole is made of highly durable iron which can support users weighing up to 130kg. With two anti-slip rubber grips and two professional quality wrist straps, the Doorway Chin Up Bar is perfect for a range of exercises including pull ups, hanging crunches, and more. The different grip distances allow you to target different muscle groups for a comprehensive workout.

Umi. Essentials Door Pull Up and Chin Up Bar

Best Weight Capacity

UMI. Essentials

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The details we love

This innovative pole features a rhombus design that helps distribute weight evenly, ensuring that it stays firmly in place without the need for screws or drilling. Simply twist the pole to extend its length – the more weight it can handle, the sturdier it is. With this pull-up bar, you'll be able to achieve your fitness goals quickly and easily.

The details you need

The Umi. chin up pole is the perfect addition to any home gym. The main body is made of 3MM thick stainless steel, and it features soft PVC mats on both sides for a better grip. It also has 360° safety locks on both sides to prevent rotation and accidental injury.

With a maximum weight capacity of 200kg, this chin up pole is built to last. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, the Umi. chin up bar will help you take your workouts to the next level.

adidas Door Gym

Best Counter Balance 


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The details we love

This cost-effective and versatile piece of equipment is designed to help you build upper body strength and improve your posture.

Fitted with strategically placed padded hand grips, the Door Gym lets you perform 3 different types of pull-ups, targeting your biceps, shoulders, upper and lower back, and core. You can also use it on the floor for press-ups and dips, targeting your chest and triceps.

The details you need

The counterbalance system safely secures the Door Gym to the majority of doors. With its unique structure, the Door Gym extends further from the door than most poles and the height is also adjustable, allowing you to perform complete pull-ups. The maximum user weight is 110kg (over 17 stone).

The Door Gym has been designed to stand the test of time and carry a lot of weight without any concern.

Adjustable frame padding is included to ensure your door frame is not damaged when in use. It's worth having a look at the Door Frame Sizing Guide shown with the product images to ensure your door is a standard size.

Pull up bar Ultimate Guide

You know that you need to add strength training to your workout routine, but you don't have a lot of time and don't want to go to the gym.

Not only do you not have a lot of time, but going to the gym can be expensive and crowded.

Installing a chin up bar in your home is the perfect solution! With just 10-20 minutes of exercise each day, you can see incredible results.

Which is the best pull-up bar?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best pull-up equipment. The first is the material. Pull-up poles typically come in two materials - wood or metal.

Wood pull-up  rods are more affordable but they're also not as sturdy as metal poles. Metal pull-up poles are more expensive but they offer more stability and can hold more weight.

The second thing to consider is the height of the pull-up bar. Some are shorter, which is good for smaller spaces, but taller ones offer more options for grip and exercise variations.

The third thing to consider is the grip type. Some push-up tools have wide grips, while others have narrow or angled grips.

What is narrow grip to do with chin ups?

A narrow grip chin up is when your palms are facing each other and your hands are close together. This variation of the chin up targets your biceps more than a wide grip chin up.

How do you attach a pull-up bar to a door frame?

The first thing you need to do is measure the door frame to make sure the pull-up bar will fit. Most door frames are between 24 and 36 inches wide, so most pull-up poles will work.

Next, you need to decide which type of pull-up bar you want to use. There are two main types: doorway pull-up poles and wall-mounted pull-up poles.

Doorway pull-up bars are cheaper and easier to install, but they can damage your door frame if not installed correctly. Wall-mounted pull-up bars are more expensive but they're also more sturdy and won't damage your doorframe.

Can you close the door with a pull-up bar on the frame?

You can close the door with a pull-up pole on the frame, but it is not recommended. The door may close, but it could damage either the frame.

What size bar is best for pull-ups?

There's no definitive answer to this question since everyone's body and strength levels are different. However, a good rule of thumb is to use a bar that's slightly wider than shoulder-width apart so you can comfortably do the widest possible range of motion.

Is it worth buying a pull-up bar?

Yes, pull-up bars are a great way to get a full body workout without having to go to the gym. They are especially beneficial for strengthening your back, biceps, and core muscles.

There are a variety of different types of pull-up bars available on the market, so be sure to do your research before purchasing one to make sure you get one that is best suited for your needs. Some popular options include doorway pull-up bars, wall-mounted pull-up bars, and portable pull-up poles.

No matter which type you choose, be sure to follow the included instructions carefully on how to set it up and use it safely.

Can I do body weight exercises with a training pole?

Yes, you can do a variety of bodyweight exercises with a training pole. Some popular options include pull-up, chin-ups, dips, and push-ups. Be sure to choose a training pole that is made from sturdy materials and can support your weight.

Are chin up bars used for just pull ups?

No, chin up bars can be used for a variety of exercises, including pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, and hanging leg raises.Most chin up bars come with multiple grip positions so you can target different muscles groups. For example, wide grip chin-ups work your back muscles, while close grip chin-ups work your biceps.

Dips are another great exercise you can do with a chin up bar. They work your chest, shoulders, and triceps muscles. To do a dip, grip the bar with your hands shoulder-width apart and hang from the bar. Slowly lower your body down until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle.

Do no screw chin up bars work?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. It depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of material the bar is made from and how securely it is attached to the wall or door frame.

Some users have reported that screw chin up bars work well for them, while others have had negative experiences with these bars because they come loose or fall off the wall or door frame.

How much weight can a door pull-up bar hold?

It depends on the door pull-up bar. But typically, they can hold a lot of weight - up to 250 pounds or more. So, most people should be able to use them without any problems.

Is iron gym a good brand?

There is no one definitive answer to this question since everyone's needs and preferences are different. However, Iron Gym is a popular brand that makes high-quality gym gear. So, if you're looking for a good install chin  up bar, Iron Gym is definitely worth considering.

Why are chin up bars bent?

Stationary chin up bars are usually bent in order to create more stability and to provide a better grip for the user. Generally, the more flags a pull up bar has, the more sturdy it will be.

The SetuCash Bent Pull-Up Bar is one example of a sturdier set-up due to itsL-Shape design that connects directly onto an open doorway.

This design also gives users the ability to target different muscle groups by simply changing their grip position. For instance, placing your hands closer together will target your inner biceps while a wider grip will focus on your outer biceps.

What is the best pull up bar for you?

If you need help with your selection here are the options again. order your very own pull up bar today!

Best structure - JX FITNESS chin Up Wall Mounted

Best no screws - BeMaxx chin Up Door Frame

Best door frame - AmazeFan chin Up Door Frame

Best weight capacity - Umi. Essentials Door Chin Up

Best counter balance - Adidas Door Gym

Thanks for reading our pull up pole review! We hope you found it helpful and now feel confident in your ability to purchase the perfect equipment for your needs. Click the buttons above to check prices and find the best deal on a chin up bar today. Happy training!

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